The Village of Osmond

Realm: Lethoria
Province: West Yorkwood
Population: 602
Power Center: Kinsmen
Alignment: Lawful Good


After the Sundering of the World, the land where Osmond was eventually settled was under Elvish control. The Treaty of Gorthis moved the boundary to the edge of West Yorkwood where it currently lays. For centuries there was peace and trade between the humans and the elves. This led to the expansion of the trade outpost in the Yorkwood into a village. Osmond was officially declared a township in the year 982.

When the Bringer of Light decided to march on Lethoria Yorkwood was on the front lines and drew many heroes and adventurers to the War of Light. Eventually the Kinsmen settled in the area. Without any of the local Merchant Families to run affairs int he area, the people began to look to the Kinsmen to handle their affairs. With the amount of wealth they had accumulated, the Kinsmen have managed to make themselves members of the Plutocracy and act as Lords, Magistrates and protectors of Osmond and West Yorkwood.


*Selvek’s Sword, a blacksmith owned by Neva Petrini.

*Electrum Forge, a blacksmith owned by Arlen Mallet.

*Dillard’s Arcanery, a scroll and potion shop owned by Amidee Dillard.

*Papyrus Pen, a scroll and potion shop owned by Arlen Banke.

*Beautiful Onyx, a Jewelry store owned by Calista Redinger.

*Osmond Gems and Rarities, a Jewelry store owned by Cathra Temoff.

*Osmond General, a General Store owned by Almax Dudley.

*Kinsmen’s Goods, a General Store owned by Noch Lovewell.

*Marieka’s Unicorn, a tavern owned by Marieka Mahoney.

*The Shinig Table, a tavern owned by Jerri Genchur.

Town Guard

Captain of the Guard: Ruther Kaldi
6 Guardsmen

Kerian Corso, Human lvl 6 Fighter, female
Jarvis Reehl, Human lvl 3 Fighter, male
Gwyn Polar, Halfling lvl 3 Fighter, female
Elayne Jakub, Human lvl 1 Fighter, female
Grellyn Deluca, Human lvl 1 Fighter, male

Osmond Militia

30 Militiamen

Local Merchant Families

House Kashurba
House Obney
House Wozniak
House Connor
House Deluce

Local Wizards

Amidee Dillard, Human lvl 3 Wizard, female
Arlen Banke, Human lvl 1 Wizard, female
Berwyn Edwards, Human lvl 1 Wizard, male


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